Sometimes, blogging is about getting things off your chest. I might even say this blog is my therapist. (Note: this word can also be read as the rapist). So, in summary, sometimes blogging provides you with therapy, and sometimes it rapes you.

Remember how I used to live in a shed? Remember? Well, after we moved out of the shed, we rented it to a little man. The man agreed to give me $90 a week in exchange for sitting in the shed and smoking cigarettes or whatever he does in there. This agreement worked quite well for a few years, until the little man stopped giving me $90 a week.

So now I have a headache, and a little man that owes me money, in fact, quite a bit of money. If he doesn’t pay me by Monday we’re going to serve him an eviction notice. Ouch!

Stupid non rent-paying tenant! Why must you torment me?!!!!1

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