Acid spitting ants

Just when I thought my life was difficult, I receive an email from a friend of mine in the Solomon Islands. Here is an excerpt:

“One negative aspect of living on Malaita is the acid spitting ants that rule the island!!! Yes, they are my worst enemy and have provided the islanders (and my family) with many laughs (at my expense). My body has not had so many burning and extremely itchy red welts on it as this time during my 1 week visit!!”

Bloody hell. We have it good, wifey, we have it good. Plus, we don’t have any islanders laughing at us. See? Things aren’t so bad.


4 Responses to “Acid spitting ants”

  1. Me Over Here Says:

    Good Lord, acid spitting ants? Sure would like to see me one of those! Poor friend.

  2. Huw Says:

    Yes, just the jumping spiders to content with then


  3. Curly Says:

    I have an acid-spitting aunt.

    We laugh at her, and are technically islanders being British.

    I’m more worried about the Solomon Islanders though, with their penchant for sneaking up on people and scaring the poo out of them.

    But I only know of two that do that…

  4. gawblimeyman Says:

    They sound evil!
    Please, please never ever send them to London!